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Hello! Welcome to my website! Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I hope that I can enlighten and inspire you by providing some knowledge on my work and experiences in the animal care world. Cheers!


As a child, I knew that I would have a future in the animal care field. Animals were always my main interest. In fact, they are one of the main reasons I have the motivation to get out of bed and live life. It may sound a bit crazy, but I am being honest. We should all have something that motivates us on a daily basis. We should all have something that sparks our interest and pushes us to want to learn more.

Because my never ending love for animals continued throughout the years, I decided to pursue a career in the veterinary field. I took the first steps by volunteering in high school at our local animal shelter. After high school, I pursued degrees in Pre-veterinary studies (A.A), Biology (B.A), Veterinary Technology (A.A.S.), and Animal Science (M.Ag.). During my college years, I worked my way into a professional career as a veterinary nurse.

With now over 14 years as a credentialed veterinary nurse, I feel that it is my life duty to teach the public about the many issues we see in animal care, public health, animal welfare and ethics. My goal is to teach and pursue a career as a veterinarian. This of course will require more college years! Most people would stop after a certain amount of years, but something keeps telling me not to stop. I need to continue. I don’t mind because I love my animals and I love to help in every way I can.



The answer to this is very simple. It is a very difficult situation when someone has no idea how to help an animal. There are many reasons to this, but the main one is lack of information (aside from money issues). When there is no information or knowledge about a matter, it makes a person feel helpless and ignorant. Trust me, I know the feeling! I still remember not knowing aything about pereventative or emergency care for my pets. Feeling helpless and not knowing how to help my own animals is another reason I decided to pick a career in veterinary medicine.

I come from a very humble background, so nothing I have accomplished has been easy. Everything I’ve accomplished was done because I have a strong support system (my family and friends) and because I remained postive. It is VERY important to stay positive. The process has been challenging, but it was not impossible. I want to help people understand this fact: Impossible things happen every day.



The ultimate goal of my website is to help and educate about animal welfare, pet products, animal diseases, animal care, etc. The goal is NOT to give veterinary medical advice, prescribe medication, diagnose, or treat animals. The goal is simply to inform and educate to better understand the problems we face today concerning our animals and our world.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Thank you for your interest and time!

All the best,

Teresa (BubnGiz)




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